Wine Just Got Sweeter With The Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is an in-home wine tasting business model that was started in 2001. The company aims at giving more people a chance to see the possibilities in every bottle, build friendships, and incredible memories along the way as they bring joy to clients’ homes.

Their wine guides offer free, relaxed, in-home tastings of their exclusive wine. The Wine Guides control their schedules, salaries, and working environment. Traveling Vineyard is designed to convert casual wine drinkers to loyal customers due to their high consumer satisfaction.

Wine varieties and accessories

Traveling Vineyard has over twenty-one different varieties with three different categories of wine: red wine, white wine, and sweet fizzy wine. Other than wine, they also sell accessories to go with the mobile selling business. These include decanters, bottle openers, carrying bags, chillers brochures, order forms, marketing materials, and a personal website, which is free for three months.

How suppliers benefit from Traveling Vineyard

Their wine guides give an in-depth online training to their suppliers to equip them with information to take to the customers. The suppliers are also provided with summary cards and educational cards, which have varieties, pairings, and the aspects of the wine. Customers use the summaries at tasting parties.

Ideal work environment and remunerations

Wine guides can earn good wages in terms of commissions on monthly sales volume, which are made three times a month through direct deposit. With the Traveling Vineyard, a wine guide can earn through in-home tasting events as well as earn themselves an incentive trip with all paid expenses. The guides also get a chance to reach notable milestones like getting promotions by simply making online sales. Working with Traveling Vineyard improves a guide’s social values due to the friendships created with the clients. Wine guides dictate their salary and have the control over the destiny of their personal and career life.