Why Philanthropy and Charity are Fulfilling for Entrepreneurs

I have spent time living a selfish life and I must admit that it is a very empty type of life. I worked a regular job, which I struggled to hold on to. I also never used to make any contributions to charity. As a result, I was miserable. Then when I started doing things for others, I found a purpose. Among the things I did was make contributions to different charities. I did some research about popular charity efforts to give to and one good example I found is the JFK Center for the Performing Arts. Donations allow the Center to provide opportunities for others to continue to improve their lives through the joy of performance art. 

One type of person that is excpected to make regular donations more than most is a successful entrepreneur. They have the freedom to work the kind of jobs that they want to work, therefore they have more financial capacity to make large donations. One such person that goes above and beyond the expected philanthropy of the wealthy is Dick DeVos. He regularly contributes to the JFK Center for the Arts fundraiser. He has a lot of success on his hands and he has made a lot of different contributions in different industries. DeVos has worked as President and CEO of many different companies. He certainly has kept himself busy, as you can see by visiting his Wikipedia page.

Dick uses his freedom and independence in order to help build the lives of others. Many other people have seen the effect that his efforts has on others. He also has a unique eye for some of the more profitable opportunities. He understands where the profits lie. He does take a business-minded approach to life. This isn’t just for some personal gain, but for him to be able to share opportunities with others he has been blessed with along his personal journey. He not only wants to give acts of charity to others, but he also wants to give people an opportunity to improve their lives and do what he’s doing. 

Being able to give back through acts of charity and becoming an entrepreneur is the closest thing I could imagine to living the perfect life. Even though I haven’t reached a level that I could call successful, I am working in a position I like and have enough to give back to the causes most important to me. Mr. DeVos gives me hope that someday I could become a leader with influence as great as his own.

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