Whitening And Brightening

Produced in Switzerland, Makari manufactures a line of beauty and skin products that are designed to address the needs of darker skin tones. I personally noticed this while shopping for makeup, and other skin care products that there really is not a huge selection for people with dark skin. This line is perfect for them. Makari is the leading brand for skin whitening and brightening. They have everything from Caviar face cream to a clarifying serum and an exclusive toning gel.

Caviar face cream is a brightening moisturizer produced to nourish the skin and diminish dullness and discoloration spots. Makari Skin care regimen is formulated to reduce the appearance of scars, marks, and discoloration by whitening the skin thus creating an even tone. Carotonic body lotion is an extreme lightening multi-vitamin body lotion. It has the same formula for skin whitening as the facial products to help create an even canvas. It Protects skin from free radicals, removes toxic build up, rejuvenates skin, evens out complexion, and fades away blemishes.
This skin care line started with only seven original products and with the great response from their customers they now have over sixty. Makari is mainly a skin care line but they also have a baby line, a make up line, and a special line of body lotions. I definitely recommend any of these products to anyone looking to achieve the perfect skin complexion!