What Thor Halvorssen Thinks of Socialism And The Election

Prior to the 2016 election cycle, most people had never heard of democratic socialism. People do not know the points and the counterpoints. That ignorance may be why it can be used as, in Thor Halvorssen’s words, a mask. The proponent of socialism essentially tells the people what they want to hear without explaining the history or how it has been abused throughout the years. Halvorrsen has a first hand perspective on the abuse of socialism, which he outlines in the linked interview.


The Impact

It can be difficult to explain the potential of a movement or a policy. It is often just speculation. However, socialism has a long history and has been practiced several times in several nations. While Halvorssen recognizes that it has worked in some nations, he also believes that it has had a very negative impact. This is not just his speculation. His mother was executed and his father was detained as a political prisoner. Today, his cousin is currently imprisoned in Venezuela. His personal history has uniquely prepared him to have insight on the topic of socialism.



When the government controls trade and prices, grocery stores often cannot afford to pay vendors, and there are what Halvorssen called “massive shortages.” If the government decides that everything is going to be cheaper, the people will be able to afford it for a few moments. That will last until the grocery store cannot afford to purchase any more goods.


Redistribution of Wealth

The most compelling selling point of the Bernie Sanders campaign is his ability to appeal to the masses. He knows that there is a lot of poverty. A lot of people are struggling. But there are also rich people. So, Sanders points out that one could just take the money from the rich people and distribute it among the poor. Halvorssen argued that this would not work.


He Supports Bernie

He said that he made the maximum allowable donation to the Sanders campaign. He will accept democratic socialism before he accepts any of the other candidates.


Why Thor Halvorssen Dislikes Socialism

Everybody recognizes that the 2016 Presidential Election cycle is probably one of the most intense in recent years. Issues such as socialism are coming into the political spotlight. With Bernie Sanders running for President, they hear from a man who espouses what he refers to as democratic socialism. In this interview, Thor Halvorssen offers unique insight into this form of government.


His Experience

Often, criticisms of socialism are read out of a textbook. They are philosophical objections. They outline what might happen and speculate about the possible circumstances that might arise in response to a socialistic government. But Halvorssen has actual experience with socialism. He testified that his mother was murdered by a government that abused the socialistic system. His father was a political prisoner and his cousin is presently a political prisoner. The Halvorssen family has a perspective on socialism that qualifies him to speak about the possible consequences.


Redistribution of Wealth

Something that people find appealing about the Bernie Sanders campaign is that he speaks to the needs of the people. They live in poverty, struggling to make it from paycheck to paycheck. However, argues Sanders, they are in this position because rich people have taken advantage of them. Now, the poor people in this country will receive a portion of their income. Halvorssen argued that redistribution of wealth does not work. As Margaret Thatcher famously said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”


He Supports Sanders

Despite his misgivings about socialism, he still thinks that Bernie Sanders is the most qualified presidential candidate who is currently in the race. He strongly objects to Donald Trump on the basis of his apparent hospitality toward Putin. Similarly, he objected to voting for Hillary Clinton, because she received campaign donations from nations who he regards as morally reprehensible. Halvorssen (https://twitter.com/ThorHalvorssen/status/705155026063200256?s=01) is so passionately opposed to the other candidates that he made the maximum allowable donation to the Bernie Sanders campaign. He believes that a President who espouses socialism would be less damaging than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.