Why Westerners Love California

In a recent article published by Huffington Post, author Jessica Anderson lists several reasons that Westerners enjoy living in California. With 34 million residents and thousands of Americans moving into the state on a daily basis, California is the largest and one of the most populous states in the United States. New comers visit and move to the state for a plethora of reasons, including career advancement, real estate acquisition, and tourism. Anderson states that Westerners enjoy visiting and relocating to California primary because of the outdoor scenery,warm environment, quiet lifestyles, organic materials, and festive restaurants. Ultimately, Anderson expresses the view that the serenity and freedom involved in daily life on the west coast is vastly superior to her east cost counterparts.


One of the key benefits of living in or visiting the West Coast is the experience of ideal weather conditions. California has extremely pleasant year-round temperatures, making the state ideal for both tourism and the production of many crops. California’s mild climate has historically made it a beacon for growth and prosperity and has contributed largely to the burgeoning job market. The weather is also beneficial because of the enormous amount of beaches that exist in the state. As a coastal state that is completely bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west side, a large portion of California’s revenue comes from beach tourism. The mild and sunny climate of the West drastically impacts the coastal state’s ability to draw Americans from all walks of life.


Anderson also draws a parallel between Westerners love for California and the state’s residents easy, breezy lifestyle. As one of the largest importers and developers of organic produce in the United States, California has developed a reputation for an unconventional, bohemian-styled lifestyle. Although this lifestyle is not viewed by most Americans as substantial or productive, it is an undeniable draw for a people who naturally exist in a state of perpetual labor in an increasingly stressful world. The fact that California has always been a beacon of light to citizens from all over the United States of America can hardly be refuted. According to Jessica Anderson, there is no place on earth that offers the scenery, peace, or tranquility as does the west coast of the United States.