The West Coast Will Get An Incredible View Of The Super Blue Blood Moon

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the shadow of the Earth covers up the moon in the middle of the night so the light from the sun can’t reach it. While lunar eclipses are quite common across the globe they are not as common specifically in the United States so when one occurs it tends to bring out amateur astronomers left and right. But, what makes this total lunar eclipse even more special is the fact that it is also a super blue blood moon. It is considered a super moon because it is at it’s closest point to the Earth in its total rotation. This is also known as the perigee of its orbit around the Earth. The name blood moon comes from the reddish orange color that appears on the moon from refracted sunlight while it is being eclipsed by the shadow of the planet. The best viewing of the super blue blood moon will be in the middle of the night as some news outlets have posted. Between 3 and 6 am pacific time will be the ideal viewing hours. During the super moon it will appear almost 14% brighter than normal giving it an extremely luminous glow in the night sky if it is unhindered by clouds. The fact that all of these phenomena happen to fall on exactly the same night means that this is an extremely rare astrological event. Astrologers from NASA will be studying this event particularly closely as they may not be able to view another such lunar event throughout the rest of their lives. The west coast is unique in that it gets the best view of the event while the east coast meaning it will not have a view of the trifecta of events. Ancient civilizations used to claim that events such as this were omens and could tell of future events. Luckily, modern technology allows us to explain these events and to understand why it is happening. Scientists are working hard every day to better understand the word around us. If you and your family are hoping to catch a glimpse of the super blue blood moon and total lunar eclipse be sure to set your alarms extra early for Wednesday morning! You won’t regret that you did.