The West Coast Had A Great Time With John Carpenter

The West Coast was happy to host John Carpenter in Hollywood this past weekend. John Carpenter was on tour promoting his new album. This album will consist of any movie theme he has ever composed. All of the music will be remastered, and it will be available as a digital download, in CD format, and even in vinyl. This tour is expected to go on into next year, and John Carpenter will be making another visit to the West Coast before the tour is over.

John Carpenter played his Holloween theme, which he composed for the movie franchise. The entire audience roared, and some screaming was even heard as the movie Halloween played on a screen behind Carpenter. Carpenter also played a few other themes from his upcoming album.

Hollywood reporters had the honor of interview John Carpenter. John talked about how he always thought the movie Halloween was going to be a failure. He had no budget, he did the writing, directing, and scoring all by himself. He told reporters he found his confidence in the beautiful actresses he had around him all day. Above everything, John Carpenter said making the movie Halloween was the most fun he has ever had in life. Hollywood reporters reminded him that Halloween is the most popular independent film of all time. Additionally, no other independent film in the world has made more money than Halloween.

The interview ended with John Carpenter talking about his next movie, which is going to be called Halloween. Carpenter could not give too many details on the movie. However, John did say that the upcoming Halloween is being made as if no other Halloween movie had been made. Several sources have also confirmed that Jamie Lee Curtis will be staring in this upcoming movie. John Carpenter is expected to talk more about the new movie in the coming months. It has even been established that the movie will hit theaters on Halloween in 2018.