West Coast Dominance for Beyonce at Coachella

If there is one thing that people can learn from a music festival is that they can typically expect to see a reunion if a solo artist has been part of a group before. This is exactly the case for Beyonce and her mind-blowing Coachella performance on the west coast. It was a rare reunion with Destiny’s Child for certain songs, and her fans were grateful to see the group back together again.

A large number of people that have seen Beyonce in concert are just as impressed by her solo act as they are by the reunion that sometimes happens with Destiny’s Child. For the Coachella Festival it was a great surprise, but this was not the only surprise that people had a chance to witness. There was also a marching band in the background. There was also an appearance from her husband. Many people may say that Coachella is something of an abstract Festival. It kicks off what is considered the start of the summer, but it is definitely more mainstream thanks to Beyonce. People that may have had no desire to go to the west coast for this type of festival are now considering booking tickets in 2019. That is the type of impact that she has had on this.

One of the best things about an artist like Beyonce is that she knows how to entertain regardless of where she is. It does not matter where she goes when she is on tour. She always seems to have a crowd of fans that are willing to go the distance for her. It is not surprising for some people that have seen her in Atlanta to show up all the way on the other end of the United States and Los Angeles.

The Queen Bee has become the celebrated artist that is welcomed just about everywhere even though Texas is her native land. This just shows that she has the ability to transcend music genres. She is not someone that is stuck in an category R&B even though this is the feel of most of her music.