Wengie expert skin care tips for traveling

Will you be traveling soon? You will want something that is easy to do in the morning, and convenient to pack for traveling. Look no further than the expert advice from Wengie the skin care expert.

Wengie provides recommendations for a comfortable traveling pouch for all your skin care needs. She says that clear pouches are easiest for seeing what you have and where it is located.

After a long day of travel, with stressed skin Wengie says that moisturizing masks are essential, as air conditioning in planes and hotels is very drying. She also uses excess moisturizer to massage her neck, face, and arms. A quick facial massage after the mask is removed also helps to remove any excess toxins.

In the morning, Wengie quickly removes excess oil with toner and cotton balls. Instead of carrying a large bottle of toner, she simply puts some cotton balls in a small plastic bag and sprinkles them with toner, much easier to carry and compliant with airline regulations.

Following the toner cleanse, Wengie applies a light moisturizer she prefers SK2 followed by a sunscreen. Lips burn easily so it is a must to apply sunscreen to your lips as well.

Next is your foundation which she favors starting in the T-zone and working outward. She also recommends using a small cushion to gently apply the foundation so that it does not get too heavy or thick.

Next is shine free blotting powder, which is recommended for areas that may get oily or shiny. Then carefully spread out to the rest of your face. Next is a brow pencil which helps shape the top and bottom of the brow. Be cautious to use a color that matches your current hair color. Follow this with brow mascara to give a full look. Finish eye makeup with just your fingers, no need to take along brushes when traveling.

Finish your look with a lip tint that will last you the entire day of site seeing. This is a quick and easy way to look great and be ready for a day of fun.


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