Vince Carter and the Warriors

Not too long ago Vince Carter was a rising star in the NBA, on par to become one of the greats. That was then, and this is now. Father time has never lost when it comes to aging sports stars. Vince Carter is and was a casualty of time. His skills diminished, along with his legacy. Unless you are an avid fan of the NBA, chances are you may have even thought that Vince Carter had already retired.

Carter has bounced around the NBA for a few years now, after a strong start with the Toronto Raptors. He has spent time in New Jersey, Orlando, Phoenix, Dallas, Memphis, and this year in Sacramento. With each of these teams, his role has diminished to where he comes in off the bench and provides a little scoring.

Recently Carter opened up open his free agency over the summer and his attempt to join the champion Golden State Warriors. Carter may be over-the-hill by NBA standards at 40 years of age, but he still wants to contribute. Going to a loaded team like the Warriors, Carter’s status as a bench warmer would almost have been certain. Even though his role has diminished with age, he still wants to come off the bench a provide a spark.

With the ideal in mind that Carter can still produce, he found a better offer with the Sacramento Kings, a $8 million deal for one year. He gets to come off the bench, provide some help, and still have a career in the NBA. Had he gone to the Warriors, he would have sat on the bench, made less money, and disappeared without a trace. There is still some spirit in the old-timer. In a recent game he had a break-a-way dunk that he even thought about turning into a reverse or windmill.