Villanova Lacrosse Alum Leads a New Generation Into 2016

Photography, aviation and music are just a few of the many areas that Villanova lacrosse player Jon Urbana is talented in. In fact, his achievements since finishing up school at Villanova are such that research is undertaken everyday by so many people to learn more about this awesomely multi-talented man. You can also connect with Jon on Facebook. In this article, the aforementioned talents will be showcased.

Jon’s Photography

Jon Urbana’s charity expertise is a force to be reckoned with. The country boy upbringing and his passion for the environment combined, are reflected in the beautiful photographs he has plastered all over the internet. Most of his pictures can be viewed on Instagram. They include landscapes, flowers, rivers and nature as a whole. whether they are close-up shots or wide shots, his photos are always breathtaking. Even the simplest picture of a flower (like the one he shared to Twitter @jonurbana1), can be taken from an angle that highlights every important feature that would generally not be seen by just looking at the flower. His water photography at Imgur can capture the serenity of a lake or the high sprays created by a waterfall, yet they both have a similar impact. They leave you breathless. Jon Urbana’s Official Blog has become one of my favorite places to visit, and he definitely has earned a place as one of the world’s best photographers, with my favorite of his pics being Earth Temple.
Jon’s aviation career
It is no easy feat to be acknowledged by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), yet Jon Urbana has not only achieved that but has been included in their prestigious database. Being part of the FAA’s database requires meeting and surpassing some very high standards. These standards have been altered over the years to ensure that pilots are highly educated, in great health and are constantly trained. This is to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the flight process. Urbana can boast that he is a top pilot because being certified by the FAA actually gives that assurance to the public. Check him out in his plane:
Jon Urbana’s music

Jon Urbana has also made his mark in the music industry, albeit a late entry. He utilized his Ableton software in addition to his guitar and created some of the most beautiful sounds from his home in Denver. Now he is a master at remixing, writing and creating electronic music with a growing Soundcloud fan base. Check out his latest remix of Fighting Between Bosses.

Next Level Lacrosse Camp

Since he was a star lacrosse player, Urbana decided to form a business around his talents. Next Level Lacrosse Camp, founded by Jon Urbana, has become one of Colorado’s most popular summer program for youth players. Featuring an all-star cast of former pro players doesn’t hurt either.