Are Video Emails the Wave of the Future?

Technology is the future, but Talk Fusion really holds the key to the future on communication through email. There has never been a better time for the technology that the company has released, but now Talk Fusion is at the top of the list for one of the top tech companies in the country. What do they offer? They bring a lot to the table, and right now they are getting rave reviews from companies that are hearing about their products.


Product Dashboard, one of the latest additions to their inventory is now stealing the show. This dashboard was designed for the Talk Fusion Video Suite product. This updated dashboard makes it easier for customers to navigate, and it also enhances the user experience. CEO Bob Reina, said that the new dashboard is not just an enhancement to their current product, but is also evident of the continuous improvements they desire to make with the product line within Talk Fusion. Additionally, Reina wants to make sure that all products are user friendly, encouraging customers to keep trying other products put out by the company.


Although there are products out there similar to what Talk Fusion offers, Reina believes that what they have developed is far superior to them. Never settling for average, Reina and his team are always focused on what is new and trending within the technology industry. It is no surprise that Reina has always been referred to as ahead of his time for what he first started with when he launched Talk Fusion in 2002.


Bob Reina launched Talk Fusion after he attempted to share a short video clip with his family via email. Upon his interest in an investment property while traveling, he took images and made a short video to send to family to get their opinion before buying. When the email failed to transmit properly he saw the potential for a new product.


Reina chose to use direct sales as his business model for Talk Fusion to get the word out. He continues to encourage and direct his team as they experience greater growth year over year. Learn more: