Veterans Helping Clean Headstones for Memorial Day

At the Evergreen Washelli Cemetery, veterans from the American Legion Post 2016 in Seattle Washington have been using all of their free time to wash veteran headstones. One of those veterans, Jordan Houghton, has been trying his best to make sure every headstone is clean and shining.


In addition to believing they deserve clean headstones, he also wanted to remember them and their sacrifices over the Memorial Day weekend. While trying to scrub off years and years of built up grime and dirt, Houghton has been able to learn a little bit about every veteran buried there. For example, he found one headstone that was for an Irish doctor that served as a corporal and nurse in World War 1. Besides learning the stories, he has also gotten the chance to meet some of the veterans families. Before Memorial Day, they had cleaned a few thousand headstones and another few thousand still need cleaned. With that being said, they don’t plan to stop after the holiday. They’re going to keep cleaning until every single headstone is clean.


While it’s hard work, Houghton and the other veterans wouldn’t have it any other way. With the dirt and grime that has built up over the years, it’s hard to see the names, dates, and rankings on the headstones. Each of these people sacrificed their lives to ensure that citizens in the United States could be free and they deserve to be recognized and remembered.


After reading this, my heart was filled with joy. I am so thankful to every veteran that gave their all in order to let us have the freedoms that we have. I think that a lot of veterans are forgotten and many people fail to remember the real sacrifices that had to be given in order for them to be able to do what they want today. I also think that cleaning the headstones not only let them be remembered again, but the families will be able to go and be happy because they won’t feel like their loved one has been forgotten. Memorial Day isn’t about parties or barbecuing. It’s about taking a day to remember those that gave their all in order to let us be free. I think every single veteran should be thanked and remembered.