USHEALTH Group Insurance Provides Unparalleled Care

USHEALTH Group Insurance is highly flexible as well as affordable. Hence it is secure and trusted by many. They have a complete portfolio of plans. Hence they can tailor coverage as per the needs of the customer. They are an innovator in the industry as they have over 50 Collective years of experience in health coverage .

MedGuard is a product offered by USHEALTH Group Insurance. It is basically a five-year renewable term life insurance product. It provides an acceleration of the Death Benefit that can be either for a Specified Critical Illness Event or it may be for a Specified Critical Illness Surgery.

With MedGuard, an Insured is able to receive all or even a part of their Death Benefit that may be due to either a Specified Critical Illness or even a Specified Critical Illness Surgery based on which of these First Occurs and has been Definitively Diagnosed at the time when the coverage is in force. In case 100% of this Death Benefit has been paid, the coverage will get terminated under this MedGuard.

This scheme provides quality coverage for varying periods of critical illness . The fact is that nobody likes to think about it. But the possibility of getting diagnosed with a critical illness happens to be quite real. After all, each day thousands of Americans are suffering from a life-threatening illness that can be cancer, heart attack, or even a stroke.

It can be you or your family member who may one day get diagnosed with a critical illness. Another fact is that today there is a much greater chance of surviving such illnesses than it was earlier. There have been advances in healthcare that have led to an increase in survival rates tremendously. The recovery times may be highly extensive, though. The medical, as well as non-medical bills, will turn out to be quite considerable. It is doubtful if any family is prepared to shoulder such kind of expenses. Hence MedGuard critical illness insurance will be able to help in filling out that gap between health insurance as well as life insurance for its customers.

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