Understanding Christanna Bevin

Bevin is a professional project services Manager who has experience and comprehensive background in procurement, project controls, administration, commercial management, and contract. She is energetic, oriented and flexible in her work. Bevin has excellent written and oral communication skills as well as an outstanding stakeholder with engagement and management skills. She has gained respect for her exceptional work ethic and her skills for solving problems. Bevin has an unending passion for working extra hard to exceed corporate, client, and personal objectives.

Bevin currently works as a Project Specialist where she offers consulting services. She has been the Project Manager of Water NSW. Her work includes stakeholder engagement and gap analysis. She has also worked as Project Controls support to the CS Energy of Queensland. This was at the Kogan Creek Power Station. She has been involved in estimate analysis and desktop project review for Greenfields Coal project in Queensland which is a $700M project. Bevin has undertaken Forensic claim review for major redevelopment project with claim evaluation for commercial and time EOT.

Bevin worked as a Project Control Manager at the Phu Bia Mining between May 2014 and August 2015. She worked hard to deliver a set scope of mentoring, training, and capacity development. She successfully managed to transition project service functions for the Lao Capital Projects Team from being a western expert-led team to a team made of Lao national staff and headed by a regional expatriate. Bevin mentored and trained staff in processes and systems of governance compliance while still at Phu Bia Mining. Bevin also contributed to the development and implementation of the process of identification and selection of the Vietnamese, Chinese, and Thai.

Christanna Bevin offered support and direction for the Brisbane Project Team. The courses included recruitment and development of Brisbane controls team, projects controls system, and the estimation of Capex and sustaining capital. Bevin has made strong relationships with many different business stakeholders In his career. They range from operational to Executive Senior Management areas. Bevin also worked at the Universal Energy Services from May 2011 to May 2014. She worked in Australia and overseas. Bevin provided onsite and consulting services to several clients in the power generation, oil, gas, and resources sectors at the Universal Energy Services. She reviewed and updated implementation study to include updates in design and process flow.

Bevin has a page on Facebook where her followers can check her updates and connect with her. Her hard work and honesty in her career have made her earn respect all over the world. Bevin has left a good reputation in the many companies and institutions where she has worked. She also managed to change and implement strategic plans that have led to the betterment of the companies. Communities in the places where she worked have greatly benefited from her since the decisions she made impacted them all. The one thing we learn from Bevin is that one has to put extra effort combined with passion and Honesty for them to succeed in any field.