Ubuntu Education Fund: Funding Without Strings

Jacob Lief has raised numerous amounts of money to aid in the children fund across the United States. He has also seen a great evil among the people. Those who get more money in the world, use it in adventurous and bad things. On the contrary, the low-income families in the world are suffering in poverty. Jacob Lief was speaking that at the World Economic Forum that was held in Davos. He is also sad that more money is flowing into the rich people’s pockets without changing the lives of most poor people. According to him, this is one of the worst things happening in the modern society.


Jacob Lief is the CEO and Founder of the Ubuntu Education Fund in the United States. According to him, he envisions the world where the rich and the poor dine together in a unified form of education. This is the best thing to happen to the lives of the young children in the United States. This foundation has also started funding young children education in Port Elizabeth and other parts of the country. Jacob Lief has also said no to donors whose money come with numerous restrictions. Some of these limitations are happening to affect the incoming capabilities to have business advanced in a manner that depicts the actual nature of sustainability.


Ha has now commenced the search to get more funding for the high-net-worth individuals seeking to advertise their educational funds in a manner that depicts the true nature of sustainability. He warns against imposing numerous restrictions on how the money should be spent. For those who want their money to be spent on the sharp children, they must consider that some children lack a good educational foundation to learn. For this reason, they might suffer great loss. While this organization has a small budget, these restrictions will not do well to the foundation. Children out there need that money to make their dreams come true through education. The Ubuntu model has simulated a lot of concern in this organization. Every child in this society is looking for better ways to enhance their interests in a manner that is unparalleled in the society.