U.S. Navy Selects IAP to Support Contract Valued at up to $900 Million

IAP Worldwide is the principal managing company that won this award. For the company, this recognition by the United States Navy proves their strong commitment towards solutions as an unmatched partner in this industry. IAP Worldwide Services has always acted with the least notice towards saving the United States Government and its departments. According to the CEO of IAP Worldwide Services, Doug Kitani, they are working with the Navy to provide solutions during their global missions. This contract was awarded to IAP-ECC.

Four companies are joining IAP Worldwide Services to for a natural force for the good of the United States Navy. According to the document signed, this is an indefinite-quantity contract. For this reason, they will continue to offer their services to the United States Navy for as long as their services are of importance. It is valued at $900 million. As a matter of fact, they will also renew the contract upon its completion. This award demonstrates the Global Contingency Multiple Contract Award’s recognition for IAP Worldwide. This is a government body that oversees the issuance of state contracts to support the American defense forces. They are located in Hawaii, Pearl Harbor, Pacific, and the Naval Engineering Facilities.

IAP Worldwide Services CEO, Doug Kitani, said that the company is thrilled to work with the United States Navy. For this reason, they will also expand their portfolio of services. They are also happy because their employees will get a better experience in this uncommon ground and working conditions, therefore, career development is imminent for the professionals at IAP Worldwide Services. IAP Worldwide is also proud to offer their service to the most demanding challenges facing the people. As a matter of fact, the United States Government and other non-governmental organizations rely on IAP Worldwide Services to solve their most impending challenges. For this reason, their selection to work with the United States Navy Group has helped them keep up with the latest standards of offering services to the community.

For more than 60 years of professional experience in the market of service solutions, IAP Worldwide has gained enough reputation to support the contingency-based contracts with their entities. Under the Air Force Augmentation Contract, IAP is the only government service provider that can solve the problems facing the state. The Navy has demonstrated everything that needs to be done by the United States Government. For this reason, IAP Worldwide Services will take its part to work with the Navy.

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