The Trusted Financial Personality

James Dondero is at the forefront of leadership at Highland Capital Management, L.P. The organization specializes in providing loan collaterals in the United States by dollar amounts. Besides founding Highland Capital Management, James Dondero works in HCM Acquisition Company as the firm’s CEO. Also, James chairs the board meetings held by Highland Capital. At the moment, James works at Cornerstone Healthcare Group as its Chairman. Mr. Dondero’s skills in management are attributed to his three decades of exposure to the credit markets. Dondero has been exposed to many other enterprises in the past.

James Dondero went to Virginia University where he earned his Commerce BS in Finance and Accounting. After that, James Dondero attended a financial training program located in JP Morgan. The Chartered Financial Analyst credited his financial knowledge and skills. James is an icon in the business sector since he is a managerial accountant that is fully certified and designated.

James Dondero commenced his profession in a subsidiary firm of Protective Life’s GIC where he worked as the chief investment officer. James’ achievements in the company were recognized for the year 1989 and 1993 when he expanded the venture from concept to more than $2 billion. Later, Mr. Dondero desired more portfolio management skills. James thus extended his knowledge in the collection of various adventures including investment-grade corporate, bank loans that are leveraged, high-outcome bonds, mortgage-backed securities, and common and preferred stocks. For four years, James took responsibility for American Express Income funds that added to almost $1 billion.

Recently, James was appointed to the Southern Methodist University’s board of executives. The new position of Dondero intensifies the existing commitment of Highland Capital to the institution. The commitment Highland has on SMU includes the endowment of the company’s scholarship program and supporting the library and museum architecture by George Bush.

Highland Management Scholar program encourages and appreciates academicians and professionals who pursue public policy. James Dondero chose SMU Cox School because of its vibrant business interests and pursuit. He longs to burn the entrepreneurship candle and make it brighter in the coming years through supporting students. Being among the 100 appointed board members, James Dondero provides strategic plans for the business school to see it through prosperity.

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