How Troy McQuagge’s HOPE Initiative Has Made A Big Difference In People’s Lives

At USHEALTH Group, HOPE is the acronym for the mission of the company. It stands for Helping Other People Everyday. It’s a philosophy they take seriously at this company and it colors the actions the company, its executive, and its employees take every day.

HOPE was a philosophy that Troy McQuagge USHealth instituted at USHEALTH Group. He came up with it in 2010 just after becoming the president of the company. He is now also the chief executive officer and HOPE has helped the company flourish. He says that the company is executing at a much higher level now than back in 2010 and he gives a lot of credit to HOPE and how everyone at the company is eager to help each other and their customers.

The first HOPE project took place when Troy McQuagge decided that USHEALTH Group would help Phoenix of New Orleans. At the time Hurricane Katrina had just hit New Orleans which left much of the city in ruins. Along with other companies, USHEALTH Group and its employees helped in the reconstruction effort. They helped to rebuild homes in the areas that had been hardest hit by the hurricane. The employees of USHEALTH Group spent hundreds of hours helping to raze the homes that had been deemed a total loss and helped build new homes in their place.

Another nonprofit that has benefited from Troy McQuagge’s was HOPEKids Arizona. This nonprofit supports children who are facing life-threatening diseases such as cancer, as well as their families. The team at USHEALTH Advisors (the sales arm of USHEALTH Group) donated $25,000 to this charity in 2012. When HOPEKids opened another office in Texas the next year the team at USHEALTH Advisors again donated money, this time $45,000.

There is a district office of USHEALTH Advisors located in Palm Bay, Florida. They have also taken to heart Troy McQuagge’s HOPE initiative. The division leader there is Elizabeth Byrne. She and her team of agents decided to support one of their local charities. They eventually decided to support the Brevard County Homes for Warriors Project. The team at this divisional office donated their time helping to taking down an uninhabitable home and then building a new one in its place. Once the home was completed it was given to an Army Specialist who then owned the home outright with no mortgage. He and his family were very grateful to Elizabeth Byrne and the USHEALTH Advisor’s agents. Follow Troy McQuagge USHealth on Twitter.

Many people working for USHEALTH Group and its subsidiaries have helped others since 2010, providing both funding and volunteering their time. This has happened both at its main office in Fort Worth, Texas, as well as across the country where USHEALTH Advisors has offices.

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