Troy McQuagge: Towards Visionary Leadership at USHEALTH Group

Troy A. McQuagge holds the enviable honor of winning the coveted One Planet Awards’ CEO of the Year Award. He was honored with the Gold Prize award in 2017 after his excellent leadership at the helm of USHEALTH Group, Inc. saw the insurance health provider register significant growth over the years. The chief executive officer of the firm beat off competition from hundreds of organizations from various industries around the globe. The award was the crowning glory in rather stellar tenure at the helm of USHEALTH Group, which he joined less than a decade ago in 2010 as an executive officer at USHEALTH Advisors.

The accolade marked a significant honor for Troy A. McQuagge US health as it was recognition not only by the prestigious award body. It was also an honor bestowed on him by his peers for his excellent and visionary leadership at the life and health insurance company. After his successful tenure at USHEALTH Advisors marked by retooling and rebuilding of the USHEALTH Group’s subsidiary, Troy A. McQuagge was promoted to serve as the president and chief executive officer of the Group. At the Fort Worth, Texas-based company, Mr. McQuagge has also already embarked on a implementing innovative and affordable insurance initiatives. He has already recorded significant success towards this end since taking over in 2014. Learn more about Troy McQuagge US Health at

Education Background: Towards Award-winning Leadership at USHEALTH Group

Throughout his career at USHEALTH Group, Troy A. McQuagge has developed a reputation of being an award-winning leader due to his excellent track record, which has seen him record operational and financial success at the company. World CEO Awards has awarded him with its coveted Most Innovative CEO of the Year Award, which he won in 2016. He has won Gold, Silver and Bronze awards at the Stevie Awards in addition to the People’s Choice Awards and Golden Bridge Awards. His award-winning leadership at USHEALTH Group, Inc. is founded on excellent academic background at some of the best learning institutions in the country. He graduated in 1982 from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Legal Studies.

Career Background

Troy A. McQuagge is a multi-skilled company executive with excellent leadership capabilities and over three decades of experience working in high profile companies. His professional success is pillared on more than just his experience and solid academic background: he is developed multiple skills over the years. Since joining the health insurance industry in 1983, he has developed excellent marketing and financial planning skills. He is also an excellent insurance broker with unrivaled leadership skills. He first started out at Allstate Insurance Company where he worked for close to nine years. In 1995, UICI/Health Market brought Troy McQuagge on board for a year before beign appointed as Agency Marketing Group’s president in 1996. He served at the helm for several years moving to USHEALTH Advisors in 2010.

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