Treat your pet to the food they deserve

Many pet owners are beginning to give their pets food fit for a thanksgiving dinner. The gourmet pet food industry is growing, a whopping 45 percent since 2009 to comprise over $10 Billion dollars of the the $23 Billion dollar a year pet food industry. High quality ingredients can come at a high price, but if your pet has a place at the table why not serve them food made specifically for them? Purina has been a name in animal nutrition since 1902. With their recent acquisition of Merrick Pet Care, the first certified producer of organic dry and wet dog food, their Beneful brand will have access to clean organic food production and recipes. Recognizing the consumer demand for high quality pet food the brand is delivery what the people, and theirs pets truly want. Many pet owners are health conscious, so why not be conscious about what you’re feeding your pet? With people opening their wallets more and more for the animals they love they are increasingly buying products like Beneful, and Blue Buffalo for the quality they represent. The large gains the niche market has seen is sometimes viewed as a Twitter trend, but dogs would disagree. FreshPet is a new company offering refrigerated pet food and other products, much like PurinaStore Beneful is doing. Skeptics say that their high quality ingredients are too much for dog food, that they have a failing business model. Their IPO was offered at $15 per share, but is now half of the offering. FreshPet could very well end up failing, but the demand for quality pet food is there. Larger companies will continue to provide what the customer wants with or without their share of the market.