Tom Hanks to Portray Iconic Fred Rogers

People who grew up watching ‘Mr. Rogers’ probably remember the warm and friendly nature of the show. A new movie is set for production about the cheery neighborhood friend and a man who reluctantly interviewed Rogers for an article that was later published in Esquire Magazine. Tom Hanks is set to portray the part of Fred Rogers, but no announcement has been made about who will depict the part of the journalist, Tom Junod.

The biopic, titled ‘You Are My Friend’ is said to reveal the ever-evolving attitude of Junod, who was less than receptive to fulfilling the assignment. He finds something much greater than he ever expected when he meets Rogers. His entire perception of the world changed the moment the interview began. The movie is likely to give Rogers’ fans a different perspective of the man who taught kids the joy of life through play and an understanding of their surroundings.

Director Marielle Heller and TriStar Pictures President, Hannah Minghella are excited to begin filming the movie. Each talks about how the movie will inspire kindness that will lead to hope and healing. Rogers was a teacher to millions of children through three generations and these ladies quickly recognized that it is a story worth not only telling, but also one that needs to be told.

Rogers and Junod formed a long-lasting friendship as a result of the interview. It is still available for perusal on the Esquire website. The article reminds readers that ‘Mr. Rogers’ taught children many things, but most importantly that it was okay to have dreams. ‘Mr. Rogers’ was not just a fluffy children’s show, it was a way of life for the star, Fred Rogers.

Unfortunately, Rogers passed away in 2003 following a hard fought battle with cancer. The release of the movie, with Tom Hanks as the star, further cements Rogers place in television history. The show ran for over thirty years prior to his death. Tom Junod, the award-winning journalist, continues as a correspondent for Esquire Magazine. No information is available on Junod’s reaction to the movie.