Thoughts Of Michael Burwell On Being A Successful Entrepreneur

Lack of adequate financial advice has cost many companies and institutions their desired results. If any company is to do well in today’s economy, it must have a competent financial advisor on board to give financial directions and strategic guidance. This is one of the strategies that Willis Tower Watson has discovered and implemented. The company has hired Michael Burwell as its Chief Financial Officer. Willis Towers is a consulting and advisory firm that has helped many entrepreneurs approach the business world with the right attitude. Burwell took over the position after Roger Millary retired from the company towards the end of 2017. He was the former Chief Financial Officer for the company.


Burwell has been in financial institutions for about 31 years now. Throughout this period, Burwell was working at PwC (Pricewaterhouse Coopers). The special set of skills he has is from his education background, industry experience and his services as a CPA. The Willis Tower hopes for a bright future under Burwell’s leadership. The company will expand its services and business sphere through the financial ideas Burwell has brought into the company. Prior to joining the workforce, Burwell first completed his education at Michigan State University. At PwC, Burwell offered business advisory services for about 11 years before he was made firm’s partner.


Before he came to PwC, the company had no other Chief Operating Officer or Chief Financial Officer. He was the first one in this firm to occupy these positions. After performing his roles in these positions for a while, Burwell became the Vice Chairman of the U.S and Global Transformation. It was one of the strongest international positions he held in his career. Michael Burwell was able to use his influence to provide the pre-merger valuation PwC needed and he also expanded its internal services. Different PwC clients benefited from the incredible advice and analysis Burwell gave.


Asked how he came up with the business idea, Burwell said he first saw it in his mind before he implemented it. He says that confidence in your set of skills and abilities is the most important thing in any business endeavor. He says anyone dreaming to become an esteemed business person should relentlessly pursue their goals and maintaining positivity. Michael Burwell says that people who succeed a lot in whatever they do are those who positively accept failure to some degree. He also says every business person has some doubts moments, but they must overcome them to get to the next higher level.


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