It costs to have the finer things in life, but customizable luxury lifestyle living is something that is trending across the United States. Talk about private jets and private resorts, it doesn’t matter the cost the rich are simply in it to win it. This case applies, more so, to the thriving West Coast which has some of the most impressive luxury properties in the country. The following is a summarized list that includes the most exclusive bungalows, cabins, cabanas and hotels in the West Coast:

  1. The Harrison (San Francisco)

This Urban Condo was developed by Maximus Real Estate Partners designed to deliver both a lifestyle and experience curator for high-end clientele. This impressive tower can be found in Rincon Hill and is said to provide its residents with “Keys to the City.” The building has a classic look as you enter the lobby and the bold interior is simply to die for. A side from its breathtaking design, the building houses just the right spot for recreation, Uncle Harry’s, which is on the 49th Floor.

  1. Above the Penthouse (Los Angeles)

On Hollywood and Vine, Above the Penthouse can be found on the 15the floor and it offers iconic views such as Hollywood sign, Griffith Park Observatory, downtown Los Angeles and Capital Records. The condo delivers only the best luxury style living with sleek interiors, spacious terraces, spectacular entertainment areas and in-residence tech packages. Prices for each of the distinctively named condos range from $3.75 million to $8.95 million, which also includes access to the W’s amenities.

  1. N. Curson Avenue (Los Angeles)

This property, which was recently constructed, can be found in Melrose Village and houses all the amenities of contemporary living into a luxurious private home. For the price of $3.375 million this luxurious property includes five bedrooms each with private bathrooms, fit with the latest technology, high-quality materials and a stylish interior that hedged and gated. This spacious home offers an outdoor living that is to die for with spacious backyards, upstairs balconies, a pool, fireplace and a beautiful Zen seating area.

  1. Andaz Scottsdale Resort & Spa

Recently opened, this relaxed resort covers an area of 23-acres, situated at the base of Camelback Mountain. Here guests have the opportunity of experiencing a spectacular desert art scene, a theme from which the resort is based. The interior is mid-century inspired featuring glass walls and windows with access to outdoor patios and social gathering spaces.

  1. HL Villas & PetJets

At a significant discount, you can enjoy the finer things in life with your pet, if he/she appreciates the occasional pampering. This member’s club offers luxurious resorts and, in partnership with PetJets, an array of pet-friendly amenities. Wealth pet owners now can save 33% on the hotel portion, while enjoying in one of the most luxurious resorts in the country.