The Rising Prestige of iFunding

The iFunding CrunchBase shows that William Skelley attended booth Harvard Business School and Hobart College before beginning his illustrious professional career. During the next few years he worked at several different investment companies and advised for several start-ups. He also served as a principal of the hedge fund, Rose Park Advisors. He ran a boutique investment bank which underwrote $2 billion worth of transactions. He founded and is the CEO of Ifunding, and was recently made a member of the “The Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders.” Michael Stoler, Managing Director of Madison Realty Capital, began this new organization and planned an annual dinner of the members. The first of these dinners was held on January 27, 2016. Stoler is absolutely dedicated to the development and growth of the New York real estate industry. He even hosts his own show about real estate and business called “The Stoler Report: NY’s Business Report” which has been airing for 15 seasons. The new real estate organization, however, does not limit its scope to New York real estate movers and shakers. It includes individuals from some of the leading real estate firms in the world such as Kushner Companies, Merrill Lynch, and Kushner Companies.

Only the most respected next generation real estate leaders are invited to join. Skelley was invited to be a member in partly in honor of his pioneering of real estate crowdfunding but primarily for founding iFunding, one of the most respected pioneers online real estate alternative platforms of today. Stoler has also extended an invitation for Skelley to appear on his TV show. On the episode on which he will appear, iFunding founder Skelley will be part of a panel of other real estate experts. They will discuss the evolution of the commercial real estate market.

IFunding helps real estate investors by loaning at least $5,000 for projects it deems appropriate and needed. It also helps with raising finances for large, multi-project works. They will work with and advise these investors all along the course of the project or projects. The company is available for contact on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. If you or a friend is interested in funding for a desired worthy real estate project, contact them right away.