The Goettl Team that Ken Goodrich has Assembled

Goettl has had a major face lift. This is a company that was growing fast and leading the way for other air conditioning companies. The growth for this company, in the early stages, may have been too fast. It was through the leadership of Kenneth Goodrich that this company was able to turn the page and regain the spot at the leading air conditioning company in all of Phoenix, AZ. This would also become the company that would also branch out into Nevada and grab the attention of customers in Las Vegas.

What Goettl has done is help people recognize the value of quality air conditioning repair. Ken Goodrich knows that there are loyal customers that will come back for service when his HVAC technicians from Goettl make a good first impression. Goodrich also knows that there are a lot of people that will recognize this company simply through the role that he has in the community. When people check the Goettl Facebook page, for example, they can see information and video on things like the Goettl Kick-Off Classic. They can also see videos about donations that have been made by Kenneth Goodrich on behalf of Goettl to St. Mary’s Food Bank. Goodrich is someone that believes in getting into the community to help, and this is a good marketing tool for his organization.

What Goettl has managed to do is build a presence in the community by building on the fact that this company has been in business for so long in Phoenix. Goodrich has managed to help people see there are many years of combined experience between all of his technicians. This company provides air conditioning repair, and there are tips on the website for homeowners. There are tips about caring for your pets during the summer months. These are the types of things that show that Goettl is a company with a staff that is concerned about their customers. There are also preventive maintenance tips for homeowners when it comes to air conditioners.

Kenneth Goodrich has proven that he has successfully lead a team of technicians and also built a positive image in the community. This company that he is in charge of has been around for 75 years, and he continues to make donations to organizations and show his support for the general betterment of the community. This drives customers to consider this company when they need repairs.