The fast Company EOS Lip Balm

For a long time, lip balm was the typical cylindrical stick with typical flavors in mostly cherry and mint. But seven years ago the EOS lip balm products started to be a hit on the shelves of Walmart, Target, and Walgreen’s. Cosmos and Allure beauty editors were raving about the new and unique lip balm. They couldn’t get enough of the grapefruit and honeydew flavors. Then celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and Christina Aguilera were spotted using the EOS Lip balm products. The EOS lip balm started to appear all over beauty magazines.

In an interview by fast Company, the founders have kept quiet about the successful products until now. The EOS lip balm products currently sell over a million products per week, and according to the global market of research, the global lip care market is expected to increase steadily by 2020 to $2 billion. The EOS lip products are now a $250 dollar company and growing.

In creating their lip balm, they wanted to create an emotional connection with the customers rather than creating just another typical lip balm. But it wasn’t always easy getting these unique, sphere shaped lip balms in the stores. But they were lucky, and a female buyer from Walgreens became interested, and then they started to fill the shelves of the store. Then people fell in love with the little sphere shaped products. After they were successful with Walgreens, they launches their products at Walmart and Target.

EOS lip balm started to grow very popular and now has over 1.8 million followers on Instagram and nearly 7 million likes on Facebook. The company is still working hard and continuing innovating. EOS now streams new products on shelves. They now have shaving cream and hand lotions. They even plan to have more in the future!

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