Texas Native Beyonce Invaded West Coast Music Festival

The west coast is thriving when it comes to concerts. As spring turns into summer more people are going to be breaking their piggy banks and coughing up money for concerts. The first big spring concert of the year, Coachella, has already taken place and Beyonce with her live marching band in the background as already become the talk of the town.

It is true that there will be some blockbuster concerts coming up for the summer months, but very few concert venues are going to be able to top the two-hour show that Beyonce put on at Coachella. She really stepped things up by inviting Destiny’s Child, Solange and Jay-Z to the stage with her for various performances of songs. Beyonce has the ability to entertain in only the way Beyonce does.

There have been people that have complained about the $300 tickets for some of her shows, but most of these naysayers are clearly people that have never seen her in action. The average entertainer that starts a show will have concerts where they are not really doing much performing. Beyonce is different. She is someone that is dancing the whole time. She also has a crew with her.

When you have this type of energy on the stage there is going to be a reason to charge more. People are getting a full show with one of the hottest artists in the world. She has been able to solidify herself as one of the best, and Coachella gave her a chance to prove it. All of those that may not have realized that there was going to be such a stunning performance would have the opportunity to see a live Coachella feed on YouTube.

There are even videos of this performance on YouTube that people can watch now. This is something that was different for Coachella, but it was needed because the concert venue has grown so much over the years. Everyone does not have a chance to make it out to the West Coast to engage in these type of music festivals. Live streaming is the next best thing.