Ted Bauman on Financial Decisions

Financial decisions define one success, especially in the financial markets. Consultancy services are extremely expensive for most people and that why people hugely appreciate the efforts of pundits such as Ted Bauman. Bauman has devoted his financial expertise in helping people around the USA and the world in making smart choices.

Through ‘Bauman letter’, the financial pundit has guided people on important financial directions. For example, Ted Bauman has been vocal on how an investor can diversify risks in a single or a couple of investments by simply spreading risks. According to him, this is not only safe for them (investors) but reduces mega losses in case of a financial crisis.

Apart from advocating diversification in investments, Bauman has shown consistency on stock market predictions. As an expert, stocks that have extremely high in volatility are risky and not worth investing. According to him, the more the stock is stable, the more the investor is likely to get returns. He has been vocal on explaining the fact that some stocks in the NYSE are high-priced and this can mislead a newbie investor.

Ted Bauman has also written exclusively on liquid assets. Liquid assets according to this financial writer need security. To him, security can be through the following ways. First, one can explore the idea of a home lock. There are different ways to keep possessions safe while at home but the most important thing is to ensure that in case of fire or any incident, possessions will be safe. Second, he writes other ways of ensuring the safety of valuables by using banks (local and foreign banks) and more importantly the vault (both local and foreign).

Through his twitter account, he is so passionate about policies particularly on economy. The economy and History graduate was introduced to the world of finance since he was young. His educational journey in South Africa according to him was an eye-opening experience. Since then, Ted Bauman has been an active financial writer in different financial forums. According to him, information especially financial in nature is the key to the right decision making. Information and time management are the recipes to success according to this financial guru.