Talkspace is therapy for today’s world-

Michael Phelps is a world-class swimmer and the most decorated Olympian in history winning 28 medals (23 gold). Even with his long list of accomplishments he believes that his partnership with Talkspace is where he can make a real difference. Talkspace is an online based platform that helps people get the therapy they need from licensed therapists using today’s technology (smartphones, tablets and computers).

The five-time Olympian is living with depression and anxiety. Understanding the challenges that come along with the bad days, Phelps wants to assist other people get the help they need. This as also an opportunity to bring awareness to mental heath in a time where suicide and mass shootings are at the forefront in the USA. Phelps feels that together with Talkspace they can help do away with the stigma of seeking mental health help, while also providing a cost-effective way for people that may shy away from traditional therapies.

Late in June of 2018, Talkspace gained another new and important partner: New Directions Behavioral Health(NDBH). New Directions is a company that helps people live a healthy and balanced life with various programs including: Employee Assistance Program(EAP), Student Assistance Program(SAP). They service companies of all sizes and also labor groups. Partnering with Talkspace will enable NDBH Employee Assistance Program customers to access the Talkspace online platform. Eventually the Talkspace platform will be offered to other parts of the New Directions company.

In the time that Talkspace has been an option for NDBH customers, EAP utilization as risen significantly. The convenience of being able to use the Talkspace platform anywhere, online, without having to worry about scheduling an appointment, is considered one of the main reasons for the large increase of employees using it as part of the EAP. The CEO of Talkspace is looking forward to helping NDBH give their customers options that will be “fill major gaps” in employer benefits.