Talkspace is Creating an Emotional Outlet Via Text Messaging

The basic premise behind the Talkspace application is to give busy individuals opportunities to connect with trained therapists. The busy lifestyle of today’s workforce gives little opportunity for individuals to open up. Talkspace’s app provides a safe and easy way to connect with therapists on the go. Individuals that use the app report that they like the fact that they can text messages from wherever they happen to be. They also like the personal attention they receive from Talkspace.

Talkspace does provide counseling for individuals stressed out by work. It also helps individuals with mental health issues stay on track. Talkspace’s trained therapists and psychologists are ready and able to help those who need it. Many businesses in the NYC area have used the application and recommended it to their employees. Businesses appreciate Talkspace because it shows their employees that they really care about their mental health issues.

Talkspace therapists handle a range of mental health issues from anxiety to PTSD. The text therapy provided does help individuals take charge of their mental health. Talkspace does provide a much-needed service for companies by helping prevent and reduce absenteeism and creating a better work environment.

Individuals using the application are matched with a therapist who meets their specific needs. When a person first uses the application, they are assigned an primary therapist. This therapist explains how the application works and offers introductions. The process is fairly straight-forward with the usual questions. The experience of text therapy is positive. The fact that the therapist truly seemed to care without asking the person to fill out a bunch of forms appealed.

The cost of this text therapy is cheaper than visiting a therapist which usually runs between $20 to $250 per session. The Talkspace therapy only costs $25 for a weeks therapy sessions.