Talkspace Consult with Therapist Conveniently and Affordably

Many people need someone to talk discreetly so that they can confide in them and share their pain and grief. As per the research, the number of people who are suffering from mental health issues or traumatic stress disorder is way too high than what is reported. Depression is one of the most common forms of mental health issues that people suffer from, and it has not only affected the elderly but the young people as well. Teenagers, as well as the young adults, are increasingly showing signs of depression, and if not treated in its early stages, depression may become suicidal as well in many cases.

Talkspace, one of the new start-ups that offer mobile therapy, has been highly effective in addressing the issue of mental health in the society. A New York-based mobile app, Talkspace was founded by Oren Frank and his brother in 2012, and so far has provided professional therapy to nearly 500,000 people. At present, over 1,000 licensed and trained occupational therapists are registered with Talkspace, and the count is increasing. Getting started at Talkspace is reasonably comfortable, and the best part is that Talkspace offers its members complete privacy and discretion. The relationship between the therapist and members are bind by the same privacy principles that are applicable in a conventional therapy session in office.

Talkspace recently reported a massive surge in the number of new members joining up after Donald Trump won the election in the United States. It cannot be said for sure as to what is the correlation between the surge experienced by Talkspace and Trump’s winning, but Talkspace’ management is happy that people are opening up about their need for therapy. As the cost of therapy at Talkspace is meager, and it provides the convenience to consult with a therapist through mobile remotely, it has become an ideal app for people looking for therapy.