Talk Fusion Takes Home More Awards!

Talk Fusion is the honor of 2016’s Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. This award is the second big award for the cross marketing advertising giant and if what CEO Bob Reina says is true, that they are “just getting started”, then we figure 2016 will continue to find new and newer highs to reach. The award is doled out by Communications Solutions to companies that have a concise voice in the marketplace for their vision and a product that matches their quality efforts. Talk Fusion has come a long way since 2007 and it truly does seem like the company is on to something.

For CEO Bob Reina the continued success of Talk Fusion simply makes sense. The company was implemented back in 2007 as a response to a void in the marketplace for someone who did what they do: offer a way for business and entrepreneurs to market their product via embedded videos within emails. Reina himself had been looking for said product when he was turned down by email client after email client, saying that nobody could do it for him. This obviously gave his entrepreneur minded brain a kickstart and thus Talk Fusion was born.

Rich Tehrani, the CEO of TMC, said that Talk Fusion was a “true leader within their industry” and that they offer the “best of the best products and solutions available on the market today.” If you were to ask any of Talk Fusion’s happy customers then you likely would hear the same sort of sentiment. It is, perhaps, the primary reason that CEO Reina is opening back up a free trial period for people who are interested in the program but not ready to drop the cash needed to get started.

Talk Fusion as a platform is intuitive enough that anybody can get into the swing of things after a few sessions moving through the library of information. The primary program that customers will be attuned to is the professional video marketing email where you can drop in your video and then format a professional email around it, sending it off to a bank of emails that you wish to contact.

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