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DAVID SAMADI: Groundbreaking Robotic Surgery Expert

David Samadi is the Chief of Robotic Surgery and Chairman of Urology at Linux Hill hospital. Samadi devoted his prominent and distinguished career in the treatment of the prostate cancer and is remarked as one of the most noticeable surgeons in his field and renowned America’s finest doctor. He is the specialist in healing and diagnosing in bladder cancer, urologic diseases, and the kidney cancer and has successfully operated about 7000 patients of robotic prostate surgeries.


David Samadi grew up in the Persian Jewish community of Iran which has a very rich divergence and thus it swayed David Samadi’s childhood and future development. David Samadi was born in 1964.Although David is American by Citizenship his origin belongs to the race of Iranian Jewish Descent which he left at the age of 15 along with his brother due to the emergence of the Iranian revolution.

Educational Details:

Due to the Iranian Revolution David Samadi left his country along with his brother and started his early education in Belgium for 6 months and then moved to New York and excelled in science and carrying a delusion in his mind to become a doctor one day.

High School:1983-1984: David completed his high school degree from Roslyn High School, New York where he built a very solid foundation in several disciplines.

2000-2002: David Samadi along with a great team of doctors and nurses at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center completed his training in prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and bladder cancer and further joined American Urologic Association Society of Urology for performing other activities.

Degree: Attended the Stony Broke University and achieved the degree in biochemistry followed by completing his masters from Stony Brook School of Medicine in 1994.

Training: He finished his training at Albert Einstein College of medicine in 1996 and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in 2000

Fellowship: Completed the fellowship in Oncology from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Ce. Completed the fellowship in robotic radical prostatectomy under the mentorship of Professor Claude Abbou at Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil, France.


The SMART technique developed by David Samadi is the Surgery which is used to cure the patients of all age groups suffering from prostate cancer. It is the combination of advanced robotics and computer technology which gave rise to the emergence of new automation and technology.

Smart stands for:






The SMART technique uses the “Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy (RALP)” technique using da Vinci robotic System which limits the surgical time to less than 2 hours in which the hospital recovery stays to less than 24 hours.

This technique provides the 3 Dimensional view of the surgical field via Insight Vision System which is the vast renovation in the two-dimensional visualization of the Laparoscopic Surgery and consists of the HD video cameras having the magnification 10X to 15X which provides the crystal vision to the operator.


  • 6 June 2013-Present: He is the Chief of Robotic Surgery and Chairman of Urology at Linux Hill hospital
  • January 2011- Present: David Started to give the current and the latest information about prostate cancer and up to the minute health news at Fox News Health so that people can be updated.
  • January 2011-June 2013: He is serving as the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Mount Sinal Medical Centre.
  • July 2002-May 2007: At the Columbia Presbyterian, New York he is Director of Laparoscopic Surgery.