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How Market America Supports Its UnFranchise Owners

Market America, Inc. is a business which sells products through independent contractors who run UnFranchise businesses. Their products can also be found online at shop.com. They have thousands of partner stores in shop.com where people can get great deals on many products which can’t be found anywhere else. JR Ridinger founded this company in 1992 and is its chairman and chief executive officer. It is based on Greensboro, North Carolina.

This company has a Linkedin account which is regularly updated. A recent posting the linked to on their blog.unfranchise.com website was designed to wish everyone in their UnFranchise network a happy Easter. This holiday is all about redemption, forgiving others, and the rebirth of Jesus. They wished everyone to have a happy Easter whether they were Christian, some other religion. or not religious at all. It is a day that everyone can celebrate with their families and friends while thinking about the concept of forgiving others. In these particularly trying times that is a good message to ponder upon.

Market America also posts blog updates about special offers that can be found through their many partners. They had a Direct Spotlight, for example, on one member store which is offering Puffs – Plus Lotion Facial Tissue, for $14.99, marked down from $18.00. Another store is offering buyers of Honey-Can-Do large tapered canvas bags for $3.01 since off plus an additional 5% cashback offer. Market America often offers cashback offers, some of up to 10% cashback.

Every week Market America has a GMTSS event. These help their UnFranchise partners get their companies going in the right direction. They greatly encourage people to attend these events so that they can increase their revenues and profits. The GMTSS events are held around the country. On 3/31/18, for instance, there was one in the City Of Industry, California, which showed the Unfranchise owners the Basic Five. Another two on that same date took place in Williamsville, New York. These were back to back events about general product training. These were both hosted by Shannon Goodberry and the speaker was Deedra Mason who has helped many people in the past.


Market America Miami Shaping The Future Economy

How will the economy of the future look like? The Market America Miami is a company that is dedicating its resources towards shaping tomorrow’s economy. The online retail powerhouse team is working towards making everyone financially independent and changing how people shop. It provides a business platform for entrepreneurs and ensures that consumers get the best shopping experience. Founded in 1992 by J Ridinger, the company is one of the fastest growing internet mobile retailers. By mid-2016, Market America Miami had accumulated retail sales of more than $7.3B and commission and retail profits of over $3.8B. Through the recently acquired Shop.com, the company can sell top retail brands and exclusive brands.


Market America Miami offers over 40M products ranging from skin care, weight management, skin care, home and garden and cleaning products among others. Under the leadership of the president Marc Ashley, the company is optimistic that the sales are bound to rise. What makes them this confident? The Shop.com has several features which include ShopBuddy, social shopping integration, hot deals, and cashback program. The shopping annuity is a program that is popular due to its nature of converting spending into earnings. Market America Miami offers customers a certain percentage cashback on qualifying purchases. The earnings are based on collective buying power and digital aggregation that relies on a person’s daily spending. The global company has operations in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Spain, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Taiwan, Australia and the United States of America. Market America Miami is known for organizing International conferences that bring together entrepreneurs and well-known personalities every year. It is during such conferences that new products are released.