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A separate Philanthropy arm by Stream Energy

One of the most crucial business ethics in any organization is to have corporate giving to the community. It publicizes the business organization through its charity works. This is one of the new trends in business in the United States. Some time back there was heavy hurricane rains that led to the flooding, and as a result, many citizens lost their homes, properties and others also went through m, massive losses in their businesses.

One of the Dallas based companies called Stream Energy is one of the companies that decided to fund the recovery of the losses made to the United States Citizens. Stream Energy is a company that was started some few years back as just a small company to provide energy, wireless, and gas in Texas. The company has now grown to the extent that it provides its services to a large number of states in the United States. This is because since it was started, it has been using some of its profits through community benefaction which has greatly contributed to the marketing of its services.

Stream Energy has gone further and created some long-term relationships with the Red Cross and habitat for humanity and red cross. It seems that if the company does not help the community, its objectives will go unaccomplished. Stream Energy Company workers are always dedicated and committed to contributing to the common goals of the company one of which being philanthropy.

The company also pays its associates for them to create crucial business connections with the loyal clients by offering them with various services some at a fixed rate and through the mobile plans. The company then pays the associates with the commission for the sales they have made. This benefits them since it acts as a source of income for both individual business people and other entrepreneurs. The associates are influenced by the company’s generosity  whereby the end up giving back to the community too.

For example, there is one stream associate that fully dedicated themselves to help the homeless in Dallas through a project called Through Hope. Through this project, they determine the number of people who are homeless in Dallas and develop strategies on how to help them.