Susan P. McGalla Leads The Pittsburgh Steelers Forward

Studies have shown that companies that hire diverse workers are 15% more likely to outpace companies who do not have at least a 35% diverse population in their workforce. These are companies that are open to new ideas versus companies that stay “traditional”. Despite what statistics show, the C-level positions that are in S&P 500-type companies only have a few jobs that are held by women. Many women just struggle to reach that level of having a position in a company. Susan McGalla is one of the few women who has managed to rise to the top. Growing up Susan had to football-loving brothers and was the only girl, so she was given no breaks. The same has been true of her in her professional life as she works for what she wanted and has never stopped as she climbs towards the top. She has held many high-level positions and worked her way up the ranks of a massive company in American Eagle Outfitters.

Susan P. McGalla is the VP of Business Strategy with the Pittsburgh Steelers LLC.

McGalla lives in the Greater Pittsburgh Area and is a graduate of the Mount Union College where she has earned a Bachelor of Business and Marketing as of 1986. In the past, McGalla has sharpened her chops with a variety of companies like President & Marketing Chief Merchandising Officer of American Eagle Outfitter for a total of 15 years where she worked out of the Pittsburgh branch. She moved on to work as an Independent Retail Industry Consultant and then was the CEO of Wet Seal Inc. in Orange County, California for about 1 ½. She moved back up to Pittsburgh to P3 Executive Consulting LLC company for the next 2 years. Now, she has worked with the Steelers organization for the last 2 ½ years.

Susan McGalla’s past responsibilities in her jobs have included being in charge of entire businesses or parts of business’s. At American Eagle Outfitters’ she was in charge of divisional merchandise for all women’s clothing. At Wet Seal Inc., she worked as the Chief Financial Officer. She was on the Board of Directors at HFF Inc. Today, she is in charge of one of the VP of the Business Strategy & Creative Development with the NFL team the Pittsburgh Steelers. No matter where McGalla goes in the future all of her various business experience has prepared her for whatever faces her next!


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