Susan McGalla, a woman in leadership

Susan P. McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio of a football coach father. Susan pursued a degree in Business and Marketing at Mt. Union College. She then worked in Joseph Home Company in marketing and managing positions before joining American Eagle Outfitters in 1994. Susan McGalla started as a divisional merchandise buyer in American Eagle and finally worked as the Chief Merchandising Officer and president of the company.

Susan McGalla is currently the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development, Pittsburgh Steelers. She has mostly taken reigns in her career by working in consultancy and managerial positions for top people in finance. Her successful career is as a result of hard work and pursuing what she passionately wanted to pursue. McGalla hopes more women take her approach and attitude in their careers.

Businesses that incorporate both genders outperform other companies by 15%. People of different gender have different views and perspectives on the firm operations. It is therefore expected that businesses with gender diversities will perform better than the rest because of the new ideas and views they get free. Even then, only a few organizations give C-level positions to women. McGalla through confidence managed to change the structure while at American Eagle Outfitters where she moved up to become the president of the company.

Women rarely find high-ranking positions in large businesses. Networks of women have however worked hard for the last few years in an attempt to make changes by showing that women too can work in senior executive positions. They do so by providing open opportunities, especially in the business world when women can stand out and perform while supporting each other. Sponsorship opportunities can be a solution to the problem where women well trained in their careers find decision-making executives where they can serve as sponsors. The sponsors will in turn work with women to create opportunities.