Susan McGalla: Woman of the Hour

People would like to think that our companies are fair in the workplace especially when it involves the big issue on diversity. Recent studies in statistics show that there is a huge difference in performance when there are gender-diversity and ethnic-diversity. Although this brings much truth to the workplace perspective and ideas, still women are being under estimated for being hired by companies. Today, women are struggling to reach high-level positions in their company. So, a woman named Susan McGalla helps women leaders find their way. She was raised in a home where becoming successful was the main priority. Since then, she has worked very hard for her career.

Susan started from the bottom to the top. While working for American Eagle Outfitters, she was the only woman. Then, she became president. After, she found P3 Executive Consulting and received the title of Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Although this industry was dominated by men, she wanted to encourage fans to wear Steeler gear. The men in the company rooted for her to grow in the company to reach higher level positions. Many women leaders are still putting their ideas together to even out the platform of gender-diversity in the workplace. Women have worked hard to show their capability in executive positions. However, only a small percentage of women hold the senior roles of companies.

A great solution for this down side in companies is to have sponsorship opportunities. With that said, women can have a decision-making executive who may help them in landing the deal for a project or important assignments. The sponsors would help them move up in their careers. Also, men could help serious women looking for mentorship and sponsorship within the company to become more gender-diverse. Business has been evolving for years and now it is time for the male dominance to make way for female dominance in the workplace. As a result, there would be new diverse ideas to be heard in the business aspect. Lastly, being open minded to different ideas can help create a better tomorrow.


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