Susam McGalla: Exemplifying the Role of a Successful Working Woman

When it comes to women in the workplace, we would all be lying to ourselves if we said the glass ceiling problem was no longer an issue. Despite multiple solutions created in an attempt to solve this inequality, such as women leadership initiatives, clearly women are still having issues rising to higher ranks within their respective companies. Interestingly enough, companies with gender diversity have statistically proven more likely to outperform their competitors. You would think this would directly affect the outcomes for women attempting to acquire higher positions, but sadly this is not the case. To date, in the realm of fortune 500 companies, female CEO’s make up a staggeringly small percentage compared to their male counterparts. However, lets look at one of those rare exceptions where a woman has risen to the top. Susan McGalla is a shining example in this arena. From humble beginnings, she climbed the rungs of the corporate ladder, and now is a pioneering proof that women can really succeed in a corporate environment.

Who is Susan McGalla Susan McGalla was raised in a family of football playing boys, so she learned early to push hard for her goals. She started her career at American Eagle Outfitters, and after holding multiple managerial roles and much hard work, was made the company’s Chief Merchandising Officer, and later President. She was in charge of the company as it launched its Aerie brand, as well as 777Kids brand. You may think this level of success would have satisfied anyone, but not Susan. She left American Eagle and later became the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers, a position she still holds today.

Susan McGalla also founded P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, consulting multiple clients in on subjects like retail and financial perspective, branding, marketing, talent, and operations. Susan has opened up about her success, spreading her story to other women and empowering them with her positive leadership.

In a world where gender equality in the workplace is still an ever-present issue, Susan McGalla has proven that women can still succeed.