Success Academy Teaches Students to Be Successful

The point of school is to train students to be successful adults. Throughout school, children are primed for different situations but some public schools have had a problem with actually teaching the students the right way to live because they are so focused on making them take tests and do different things that are associated with a “traditional” curriculum. The idea behind schooling is to ensure that children are able to get the help that they need and that they are able to learn as much as possible. Success Academy recognizes that children need to learn and that they all learn in different ways. Each child has a different learning style that is specific to them and it is unfair for public schools to categorize them all into one style of learning. A single curriculum will not work for every student and Success Academy wants students to be able to have the individualized learning that they need.

Success Academy works to provide teachers with smaller class sizes. They know that this is a key component to success and that the academies around the city will be able to benefit from it. When a teacher only has 15 students to teach as opposed to 30 students to teach, he or she will be able to be better focused on the problems that each student is having. It makes things easier for all of the kids who are a part of the school and who are trying to learn with Success Academy.

As a charter school, Success Academy can enforce things like uniforms and longer school days. Along with referring to the students as scholars, they require them to behave responsibly. Students who go to Success Academy are held accountable for all of their actions. Success Academy makes sure that students know that they must do certain things to be successful not only in school but also in life. By having students be accountable for the things that they have done, Success Academy ensures that there is a no-excuses attitude at the school which helps students to learn a true way to live as an adult.