Stevante Clark Arrested By Sacramento Police

The brother of a man slain by Sacramento police officers a month ago has been arrested on Thursday. Stevante Clark has been thrust into the spotlight in recent weeks following the death of his younger brother Stephon Clark in addition to the odd behavior exhibited by the elder Clark following the tragic set of events.

Jail records for the Sacramento County Jail indicate that Stevante Clark was arrested on four criminal charges that included making death threats and suspicion of assault using a deadly weapon. Clark was arrested in the morning hours of the day in North Sacramento and is not eligible for bail at this time.

A couple sharing a house in North Sacramento with Clark says that his arrest comes in the wake of escalating conflict that has involved Clark and themselves. A day before, Clark’s girlfriend filed a restraining order against him in response to threats that Clark had made towards her.

A video posted on Clark’s Facebook page earlier in the week showed him holding some type of knife or dagger and saying that ‘he wanted the mayor’ and ‘the chief.’

Seargent Vance Chandler, a Sacramento police spokesman, says that calls made to the police force led to the investigation that ended in the arrest of Clark. Chandler confirms that officers working with the Sacramento Police Department did make contact with Clark at a house on Arcadia Avenue Thursday morning.

Friends and family of Stevante Clark have blamed the death of his brother on March 18 for what they characterize as a continuous deterioration in the mental health of the 25-year-old man.

A relative of Clark, Sonia Lewis, has expressed her concern over the fact that Stevante Clark is not receiving the help for mental health issues that he obviously needs.

Alejandro Reylon Rouska and his girlfriend are renters of a room in their home to Clark and say that his behavior has been increasingly erratic since his brother’s death. Rouska explains that his girlfriend argued with Clark late Monday because Clark was yelling through the couple’s bedroom window. Rouska says that Clark became irate at the admonishment and threatened to do physical harm to his girlfriend until overnight and on into Tuesday Morning.

Clark refused to leave the couple’s home and a restraining order was sought by Rouska and his girlfriend.