Stephen Murray: An Extraordinary Business Journey

While many people in the business world graduate from college and set out on a path taken by so many others before them, Stephen Murray chose a different path to success on Bloomberg. After graduating from Boston College with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and then earning an MBA from Columbia University, Stephen began a business journey that can only be described as extraordinary. Upon graduation, he started his career as a credit analyst with Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, where he learned the basics about private equity and other aspects of high finance on Along the way, he quietly gained a knowledge of the financial world that would serve him well later on.

After working in this position only a short time, Stephen decided to expand his career options and future growth opportunities by accepting a position with JP Morgan. One of the biggest financial companies in the world, Stephen rose through the ranks yet again to become one of the CCMP Capital most trusted, valued, and knowledgeable employees. Along with working on private-equity deals, he also turned his attention to the future, where he envisioned someday having his own company.

In 2005, this dream became a reality for Stephen. Along with a small group of partners who trusted him immensely, he founded CCMP Capital, a private-equity firm he eventually built into one of the world’s most respected companies. Focusing on buyouts and growth-equity deals, he led CCMP Capital to unprecedented heights that enabled him and his partners to work on a variety of deals simultaneously. Eventually, Stephen was able to raise a fund for his company totaling more than $3.6 billion.

Along with achieving business success, Stephen also made his mark as a generous philanthropist. As a father of four children, he had a deep interest in helping other parents and children have better lives. One of his biggest passions was the Make-A-Wish Foundation in New York, where he worked hard raising money and awareness in order to help terminally-ill children see their wishes come true. Along with this, he also became greatly concerned about the plight of hunger, and worked with various food banks in the New York area to help fight the growing epidemic of hunger within families.

Although having passed away at age 52, Stephen Murray managed to accomplish many great things during his lifetime. Whether a success in business or philanthropy, it’s clear Stephen Murray left the world a much better place.