Stephen Murray: A CEO for the Ages

In the world of high finance, there are many Chief Executive Officers who go virtually unnoticed. However, Stephen Murray was not one of them. At the CEO of CCMP Capital, Stephen was a founding partner who took the firm to unprecedented heights. Known as a knowledgeable and talented investor and deal maker, Stephen unfortunately passed away far too soon at the relatively young age of 52. However, during his time in the business world, Stephen made a name and reputation for himself that set him apart from others in the industry.

Using his vast investment knowledge, Stephen took over CCMP and immediately began to focus on investing in companies associated with the consumer, energy, industrial, and health care sectors. Investing up to $500 million of equity per transaction, the firm soon found itself specializing in middle-market leverage buyouts and growth-equity investments, helping it to become a Wall Street winner with its smart buyout strategies and cutting-edge investments.

Beginning his business career as a credit trainee with Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company, Stephen Murray quickly showed he had what it took to succeed in business. Eventually rising to a vice-president position within the company, Stephen continued to use his talents to help Manufacturers Hanover become one of the leading companies in the world.

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Raised in a suburb in Westchester County, Stephen went on to earn his Bachelor’s degree from Boston College and a Master’s in Business Administration from Columbia University. Never forgetting what those schools meant to his life and career, Stephen continued to be involved with both schools in many ways. Contributing money to help establish scholarships, he also regularly spoke to students in an effort to encourage their dreams along the way. In addition to his work in education, Stephen also helped a number of charities in the New York area. Having a soft spot in his heart for children who were ill, Murray worked with the local Make-A-Wish Foundation to not only raise money, but also help with coordinating to see that a child’s wish would indeed come true.

In the months leading up to his death, Stephen Murray continued to work with CCMP Capital as much as possible, along with helping his many charitable causes. Leaving behind a legacy that others will find hard to match, Stephen’s wife and kids know his memory will be kept alive through the numerous children and students his endeavors have helped over the years.