Staying Involved In The Election

Earlier last month, Huffington Post released an article on advice for people on the West Coast who want to stay involved, and for people who want to keep their communities involved and engaged too after the 2016 primary campaign.

This is an important issue because of what is at stake for the West Coast in this election. Many of us come from communities that are getting hotter and hotter every year, with less rain to quench the earth’s thirst. We live in water insecure areas, and many of the crops whose yields support our economy can’t be guaranteed to receive enough water years into the future, which makes it difficult for farmers to plan what to plant and what not to in order to make a certain amount of money in an insecure market.

Many of us live in communities that have been progressive in protecting the right to unionize, the right to have access to reproductive health care services, the right to have fair and comfortable employment, and the right to go to college regardless of financial need. These are all issues that presidential candidates from both sides of the aisle are talking about, and they’re issues that affect all of us.

We should all vote, but almost as important, we should all post on social media, knock on doors in our community, call voters, donate to campaigns, and otherwise give of ourselves to the causes we agree with. That’s the only way we are going to protect West Coast interests.