Soros Focused on Stopping Trump’s Policy Changes

George Soros was one of the biggest donors to the Hillary Clinton campaign and by all accounts, fully expected that she would win the presidency. Most people that watched the election were absolutely shocked that Donald Trump won the presidency, as the vast majority of polls showed that Trump would lose the race. This has sent people such as George Soros, who put up a huge amount of money to help ensure that Hillary Clinton would get into the white house scrambling to create a plan to stop the effects that he is going to have on the country. Soros anticipates detrimental things happening to the United States with a trump presidency, based on the fact that Trump has strong opposing views to that of George Soros, as well as Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration. A few of the things that Trump has promised to change are things that Soros is also heavily invested in, only on the other side of the fence.

Trump has vowed to build a wall and to stop illegal immigrants from pouring into the United States and to specifically start to deport illegals that have committed violent crimes. Soros is in heavy opposition to this idea and has stated that this would be a terrible thing, not only for the people of the United States, but also for the world in general. However, this is just one of the many things that Soros is afraid of, in terms of a Donald Trump presidency, which has led him to start to make plans on what he is going to do to halt Trump’s progress. As a result of the election, George Soros has started to band together with other donors, who also put major money up to stop Donald Trump from getting into the white house, as well as to increase the chances of Hillary Clinton. While hardly any of them expected that they would be in this position in mid-November, the reality for them is that Donald Trump is going to be the next president of the United States and there is little that they can do about it.

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Instead, the group of donors along with George Soros, are devising ways that they can try to stop the advances of Donald Trump. One of the biggest things that they are focusing on is keeping Obamacare in place, which is something that Trump is planning on repealing. Trump has stated that Obamacare is an absolute disaster and it has to go, which is something that these donors, as well as President Barack Obama does not want to happen. The very legacy of Barack Obama is on the line and the future structure of our immigration policy, as well as other major issues are going to be determined by our next president, Donald J. Trump. Not too many people that were in opposition to Trump saw this coming, but they are starting to accept it as a reality and are moving to play defense in the upcoming years.