Shine Bright with Lime Crime’s new Diamond Dew

On November fifth, legendary makeup designers, Line Crime, posted a brief look at a new line of mysterious products, revealing only; ‘Something sparkly coming soon.’ The teaser look at the new products sent makeup connoisseurs everywhere into a fury of theorizing just what the new sparklies could be. Some claimed it was liquid highlighter, eye glitter, or ever nail polish thanks to the dropper like applicator in Lime Crime’s mysterious pictures. Regardless, fans of the brand, of makeup magic, and of sparkles in general, all seem to stand by one posters comments of: “I don’t know what it is, but I need it!”

After some super makeup sleuths zoomed in on the bottle to reveal the name of the product as ‘Diamond Dew,’ Lime Crime finally revealed on November seventh that their new product was indeed a line of liquid eye shadow inspired by their popular Diamond Crushers Lip Topper. According to a press release by Lime Crime, Diamond Dew is a versatile product indeed, however, and can, not only be applied to already shadowed or naked eyelids, but to cheeks or the body for the body glitter look. Diamond Dew is the perfect accompaniment to any of Lime Crime’s lines of sparkling makeups, including their popular Hi-lite highlighters.

Available in a variety of colors, including Iridescent Pink, Teal Blue, Dragon, and Pixie, Lime Crime has a variety of Diamond Dew shades to fit whatever mood your makeup needs to bring out. Containing reflective, lightweight particles and quick dry application, Diamond Dew is made to make you shine. The Diamond Dew line will run somewhere around twenty dollars, with the full set available for $170, a savings of thirty dollars. Diamond Dew, and all of Lime Crime’s products, are one hundred percent vegan friendly and animal cruelty free. Now you can shine as bright as you like thanks to Lime Crime and Diamond Dew!