Sheldon Lavin’s History Going From Banking To Food Processing Celebrated At Global Vision Academy Event

Sheldon Lavin understands both growing a business and having a sound financial plan to go with it because he has done this for more than four decades as the CEO of OSI Industries. An event was held at Global Vision Academy, an institute in India that celebrated international business leaders and Lavin was given a Global Visionary award at this event. Lavin expressed his deep gratitude and honor at receiving the award, and he was pleased to look back on the story of how he turned OSI Group from a local meat market group to its current position as a leading meat processing company.

Sheldon Lavin managed accounts for businesses and wealthy executives in his previous career in investment banking, and he had turned that into his own business in professional financial consulting. The owners of the original meat market currently known as Otto & Sons wanted his help to get financing from a big bank for a large factory they needed to build. Their local meat market center had just been selected by the CEo of McDonald’s to provide the meat for the restaurant. McDonald’s was still young at this point, but their profits were now enabling them to grow on a huge scale, and if Otto & Sons was going to keep up with their demands they too would need to build up their food processing capabilities.

Within the initial time period of working with Otto & Sons, Sheldon Lavin had been approached by the bank he was applying for financing with to see if he could become a partial owner in Otto & Sons. He turned down that notion at first because he wanted to remain in financial consulting, but he got along well with the company’s current owners and continued to help them grow their financing to open even more plants. Otto & Sons started seeing a lot of revenue come in, and not long after the company owners and McDonald’s wanted him to come on full-time. The company owners decided when they retired they would sell their shares to Lavin and told him it was completely up to him to grow the company as large as he wanted.

Sheldon Lavin not only maintained the strong partnership with McDonald’s over the years, he also helped other restaurant franchises deliver quality meats like Subway and Pizza Hut. Key acquisitions he made both in North America and overseas were Nation Pizza and Foods, Select Ready Foods in Canada, Vista Processed Foods in India, GenOSI and K&K Foods. Lavin helped fund two recent plant openings in the Philippines with GenOSI and OSI Spain that have heavily increased chicken product output in their various markets. He also gives money to and serves on the boards of the Jewish United Fund, the Ronald McDonald House Charities and the National Multiple Sclerosis Institute.

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