Shaken To The Core- Support Nepal Earthquake Survivors

The April/May 2015 earthquakes in Nepal has destroyed the city and homes of the residents who live there. Majeed Ekabal is currently fundraising to help give funds to provide health care, food, and shelter for the families who are now homeless and wounded. The earthquake was rated a 7.9 on the Richter scale and has killed over 5,000 people. Even well after the event has taken place, many of the victims are still trying to pick up the pieces of what their lives used to be. This event is nothing less than a tragedy, but there is a way we can bring a light of hope to this traumatic event. Starting today, you can help support the extensive amount of victims of the Nepal earthquakes, here’s how.

Majeed Ekbal is a successful real estate investor living in the Chicago area with over fifteen years of marketing and business development experience. As a professional comprehensive marketing strategist, Majeed also takes pride in mentoring large diverse teams for business developments.

Majeed also involves himself with special volunteer opportunities to give back to those who are less fortunate. Since 2011, he has worked with foundations to help fight against child slavery and abuse as well as worked on special projects assigned locally and internationally to help create better means for women and children who are neglected from the tools they need to provide themselves with a better education and jobs.

This project is Majeed’s way of doing his part in setting a goal of raising 1 million dollars to send to the people in Nepal. This event hits home for Majeed due to him having very close friends who live there who were personally affected. The fundraiser is currently being held on Majeed’s go fund me page,[] but once the amount has been met, it will be applied to a second fundraiser page to have the monies combined []. Please find it in your heart to give to those who have lost everything. Each donation is greatly appreciated and will be solely used for those who are in need. Thank You.