Severe Storms in West Coast Cause Pioneer Cabin Tree To Succumb After More Than 1000 Years

If you are an outdoor enthusiast living in the United States, it is hard to miss the famed Pioneer Cabin Tree, in California. The tree was not only more than 1000 years old, but it also became famous worldwide due to a tunnel carved some 137 years earlier. The tunnel under the tree trunk was so large that a car could drive underneath the shaft.


Unfortunately, the giant tree could not withstand a huge wind and flood storm, which forced the Pioneer Cabin Tree to succumb to its death. In a Facebook post, the Calaveras Big Tree Association commented that they lost an old friend as recent powerful storms in California and Nevada caused to tree to fall. Nearly, two thousand comments were posted on the Facebook, which also caused a debate on the impact of human intervention. According to one of the comments, the foundations of the tree were weakened by the giant tunnel carved underneath it. Had it not been for the tunnel, the tree would have survived many more years.


It is notable that the giant tree is from Giant Sequoia family. These trees can grow to a height of almost 250 feet. Besides their height, they are also prominent due to their massive circumference. Perhaps, this is the reason why loggers carved a beautiful tunnel at the bottom, which continued to attract tourists from around the world. In California, there are hundreds of prominent picture of the Pioneer Cabin Tree displayed around major public spots. The tree had become a sort of celebrity for outdoor enthusiasts who would often hold a picnic under the shaft. Similarly, it was equally popular with couples and families. Pictures of outdoor enthusiasts dating back to 19th century still exist.


According to weather experts, the area was severely hit by strong storms that also included torrential rains and floods. The wind speed and flowing water would have damaged the roots causing the tree to fall. The National Weather Service released a special statement claiming that the Russian River in California and the Truckee River in Nevada burst their banks. As a result, an intense weather system was created in the area, named Pineapple Express. Irrespective of the announcement, it is clear that the United States will be without one of its most symbolic trees.